Chinese Takeaway

How about some nice Chinese Takeaway? If you are looking for the best places to order in England than you’re in the right place. We at have listed the haute cuisine of the Chinese Takeaways in the UK, many have been reviewed by numerous customers or ourselves. This way we can guarantee delicious Chinese food for our customers at home! The Chinese community has been around for many years and their cuisine is well known in England for a decades. But have you ever tried that delicious Peking Duck or rimply Dumplings you always see on their menu? Well this is your chance! Ordering at a Chinese Takeaway is less expensive than going out for diner in a fancy Asian diner. Most Chinese restaurants even offer free delivery if your order costs reach above a certain amount. So you can just sit back, relax and just eat your favorite dishes from China on your own couch. How awesome is that!?

How to order Chinese Takeaway

Ordering Chinese takeaway is easy, fun and most of all saves you a lot of time in the kitchen! Follow the following steps to order your favorite Chinese meal via your computer or phone. Don’t worry it is easy.

  1. Where do you live? For example London, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Norwich, Oxford, Bristol or any other city in England. Just type the city in the upper search bar.
  2. Press search for Takeaways.
  3. Get the number one Chinese Takeaway restaurants in your city or neighborhoods.
  4. Choose your restaurant based on their performance or quality of food.
  5. Order your Chinese dish via their website or at one of our partner websites.

The larger cities like London or Manchester have been split up in neighborhoods so that you can get the best quality food in your area. We only selected the best restaurants because what is the purpose of presenting food delivery restaurants that fail in their basic practices? To answer the questions; here is none.

We love Chinese food and you?

We created this website to show our love for Chinese and Asian food! We cannot say no to a delicious rice or noodle meal. Spicy and non-spicy the Chinese kitchen uses so many flavors and herbs we British can’t even pronounce let alone create. So why not and just eat via ordering some takeaway? Probably much easier since than creating the meal yourself since the Chinese use a lot of spices and cooking methods to get the perfect balance between the food flavors.

Top 10 Chinese dishes to give you some inspiration

The ten most famous Chinese dishes in the world are listed below. Have you tried them all? If not we’re pretty sure the Chinese Takeaway restaurant in your neighborhood has them on their menu. Try them! You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Sweet and Sour pork (Ever ate something this appealing to the tongue?)
  2. Gong Bao Chicken (Sichuan-style is probably the most famous kitchen of China)
  3. Ma Po Tofu (Chuan cuisine, is spicy)
  4. Wontons (Who doesn’t loves Wontons!)
  5. Dumplings (The Chinese fast-food)
  6. Chow Mein (Cantonese stir fried noodles)
  7. Peking Roasted Duck (Like, super famous around the world)
  8. Spring rolls (Not actually Chinese but hey they are nice!)
  9. Kung Pao Chicken (Tasty and favorable)
  10. Egg-fried rice (Simple but always delicious)

Have any more recommendation about food from China? Please let us know your experience with the Chinese takeaways on our website via social media! Just quote our website and we will respond as soon as we see it.